Future Business Council is the new voice for business in Australia.

We represent the interests of the innovative, sustainable and resilient businesses that will define our future economy. Our members are leading companies that know the  world is rapidly changing and understand a new approach is needed for business to survive and thrive this century.

Our Vision & Aims

The Future Business Council’s vision is for business in Australia to gain a competitive edge and lead the world in creating economic, environmental and social value in the communities and environment where they operate.

Our aim is to drive the growth of the sustainable business and start-ups locally while positioning Australia to become in the longer term a global future business hub.

Why We Exist

Global trends are transforming our economy. The digital revolution, environmental pressures, demographic shifts, technological change, new business models and global power movements are forcing us to do business differently.

Smart companies understand and are adapting to embrace new opportunities and adopt better business practices. Change is tricky though and future-focused business needs an effective voice to advocate for their interests as they transform their operating models and the economy in the process.

The Future Business Council exists to advocate for the benefits of change and push for reforms that will shift the economy in favour of more sustainable, innovative and ethical business models. Our work is dedicated to positioning Australia’s business community to lead and prosper this century.

The Future Business Council delivers value and worth to its members with three main activities.

The Team

The Future Business Council is driven by a dedicated team of change leaders brought together by their shared vision for a dynamic business culture for Australia that extends beyond the next 50 years.

<b>James Wright</b>
James WrightDirector & CEO

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<b>Tom Quinn</b>
Tom QuinnSpecial Adviser & Founder

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<b>Aran Martin</b>
Aran MartinHead of Stakeholder Relations

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<b>Rachel Maddocks</b>
Rachel MaddocksBoard and Member Support

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<b>Astha Batra</b>
Astha BatraFounder

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<b>Craig Irvine</b>
Craig IrvineFounder

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<b>Nina Greig-Towers</b>
Nina Greig-TowersMarketing and Public Relations Coordinator

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<b>Yi Ming Ma</b>
Yi Ming MaPolicy & Research Officer

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<b>Sarine Zou</b>
Sarine ZouStudent Intern

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<b>Lilli Pope</b>
Lilli PopeProject Leader

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<b>Stacey Chin</b>
Stacey ChinStudent Intern

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<b>Angus McDonough</b>
Angus McDonoughResearch Leader

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<b>Lauren Tendler</b>
Lauren TendlerStudent Intern

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<b>Alana Denham-Preston</b>
Alana Denham-PrestonStudent Intern

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The Board

The FBC’s Board of industry leaders and future business thinkers works closely with our core team to deliver benefits to our members and drive the transition to an innovative, sustainable and fair economy. They bring decades of experience, strategic foresight and diverse perspectives to shape the key polices and direction of our Council.

<b>Alison Rowe</b>
Alison RoweChairwoman

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<b>Emma Bull</b>
Emma BullNon-Executive Director

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<b>Alan Kohler</b>
Alan KohlerNon-Executive Director

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<b>Craig Lee</b>
Craig LeeNon-Executive Director

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<b>Louise Pocock</b>
Louise PocockNon-Executive Director

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<b>Parrys Raines</b>
Parrys RainesNon-Executive Director

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<b>David Singleton</b>
David SingletonNon-Executive Director

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<b>Ben Peacock</b>
Ben PeacockNon-Executive Director

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<b>James Wright</b>
James WrightDirector & CEO

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Our six focus areas

Our goal is to position Australia as a global hub for future business innovation and to become the internationally preferred supplier of sustainable goods and services.

We seek ways to encourage the growth and competitiveness of companies that produce high quality, innovative and ethical goods.

We advocate reforms to enhance critical infrastructure and improve the supply chains that underpin all productivity and efficiency across the entire economy.

We work to strengthen Australia’s natural advantage in agriculture and food production, and ensure the resilience and long-term viability of the sector.

We advocate for a greater focus on education as an asset for Australia that enhances quality of life, spurs innovation and creates the skills and knowledge we need for the future.

We support the growth of innovative business models in Australia and seek to foster start-up friendly business environment for entrepreneurs.

Become a member

Is your business breaking ground with a new and innovative business model? Are you are an existing business looking to transition? Do you share a vision for creating a strong, prosperous and sustainable future?

Membership Enquiries

Contact the Future Business Council to discuss how your company can become involved as a Founding Member.

We connect your business into the Future Business Council’s network of future-focused business leaders who understand that we need to change the incentives within our economic system to ensure prosperity in the future. The Future Business Council is your platform to work with government and create an economy that encourages the innovative, sustainable and ethical businesses we need for the future.

Contact us about becoming a member and how the Future Business Council is giving business leaders like you a voice on the future of our economy.

Work with us

Are you interested in how innovative businesses are leading change in world 4.0? Do you share values for collaboration, sustainability and making a difference? Join us now and work with us towards a more efficient and brighter future in business.
Please contact: info@futurebusinesscouncil.com or visit our careers page.

Career Opportunities

Key Publications

The Next Boom
Climate Risk and Directors Duties
Smart Grid Future

Climate Risk – A Program for Corporate Decision Makers 


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