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Barrett Consulting Group
Australia’s leading business consulting and education firm specialising in Sales Strategy, Processes & People. Est. 1995. We believe everybody lives by selling something. We help leaders deliver selling better strategies. We help sales teams win more and better sales with less risk. We help people and businesses sell better.
Sue Barrett, Founder and CEO
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Business Services, Consulting, Education

What are we? Established in 1995, Barrett is a business consulting, advisory and education firm specialising in Sales Who do we work with? We work with organisations across most sectors in Private, Public, N4P, Government, who have customers, clients, members, students, patients and partners. What is our philosophy? We believe selling is everybody’s business and everybody lives by selling something. What do we do? We help business leaders deliver Selling Better strategies. We help people and businesses sell better. How do you benefit from working with us? By partnering with Barrett you will be able to: • Win more and better sales, at healthier margins with less risk; • Deliver strategies and make more informed decisions on how to better lead and manage your sales team and operations; • Build a client centric, team based business that attracts and retains more of the clients and employees you want What do we value? As a partner in our clients’ success we believe in ensuring there is always a fair and mutual exchange of value. We endorse collaboration and cooperation as the pathway to mutual success and prosperity. What are some of our major achievements? First in Australia to get Selling a university qualification (SUT); Built world’s first Sales Strategy & Operations Model; Produced world’s first Sales Competency Dictionary; Winner of 1997 Telstra & Victorian Government Small Business Award.

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