Future Business Generation provides the platform for young people to discuss today’s solutions for tomorrow’s issues.

We are a community of young professionals dedicated to equipping other young people with the skills, tools and resources they require to help shape Australia into the future.

We are the network for World4.0

Why we exist

We exist to provide you with everything you need, and to empower you, to become a leader of the future business generation by creating the network for World4.0. FBGen is designed for students and young professionals between the ages of 18 and 28 who are harnessing their skills and resources, and building connections to create the future of the Australian economy.

Our core themes include the future of work, climate change, innovation and technology, resilience, sustainability and ethics.

Becoming an FBGen supporter is entirely free! 

What’s in it for me?

Great question! This is your opportunity to generate and engage in the conversation around how you – as part of the future business generation – will tackle and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of work and the Australian economy. Think innovation, sustainable business models,  climate change, fair trade, renewable energy…and that’s just the beginning!

FBGen will offer you

  • Exclusive events with high quality guest speakers;

  • Access to industry connections and leaders;

  • A form of unique education and information that is not available at university or in the workplace;

  • The opportunity to be involved in discussions and decisions affecting your future;

  • Build your network and make new connections – because no-one can create change alone;

  • The opportunity to be profiled by us for the work you are doing;

  • Discounts to partner events

  • + so much more!

<b>Parrys Raines</b>
Parrys RainesFBGen CEO

“The sustainability conversation is something all young professionals should engage in because it is so relevant – this provides the perfect avenue for just that!”

<b>Nina Greig-Towers</b>
Nina Greig-TowersFBGen Advisory Board Member

“This platform is such a fantastic way to network to some really interesting and like-minded people and be exposed to some incredible industry leaders who are at the forefront when it comes to sustainable business.”

<b>Shadé Zahrai</b>
Shadé ZahraiFBGen Advisory Board Member

“I’m so excited for FBGen. It’s not only a discussion forum for World 4.0, it will also mobilise ideas into action!”

Do you want to be a leader of the future business generation?

If you want to take your involvement one step further than a supporter, get in touch with us to really drive change and nominate yourself as a volunteer or even as a committee member. Email us at fbgen@futurebusinesscouncil.com.au for more information

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