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Gap JET Charge, provide the best electric vehicle hardware and software solutions, as well as a full range of installation services throughout Australia. Whether you require installation in the home or the office, an EV charger in a public space or in your apartment car park – wherever you are, JET Charge are here to provide you with a solution.

Frustrated by the lack of depth in the market’s existing software solutions, JET Charge has co-founded Chargefox, a next generation software platform for the control of EV charging stations.

Electric vehicle owners in Australia will no longer have to contend with “range anxiety” and be able to travel further than ever before, thanks to a local start-up.

Australian start-up Chargefox, co-founded by FBC member Jetcharge has successfully raised $15 million with contributions from RACV, RAA and $6 million from the federal governments Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to build a network of ultra-rapid charging stations across the country. The initial rollout includes 21 locations, with a minimum of two EV fast-chargers per site powered by 100% renewable energy, each with the capacity to deliver 400km of range within just 15 minutes. In more technical terms, the charging times will be the fastest of any in Australia, with a power output of at least 150kW and up to 350kW.

The network itself will connect Adelaide to Brisbane, via the East Coast’s major cities, with 18 charging sites located no more than 200km from the next, well within the range of modern EV’s. Two of the 21 sites are already under construction in Euroa and Barnawartha North, in Victoria, with all sites expected to be operational by early 2020. At which time it will be one of the largest charging providers open to all makes and models of EV’s, unlike Tesla’s supercharger network which caters to its own brand. Beyond 2020, Chargefox expects to see EV sales growth in the Australian market, as a reflection of the infrastructure growth and spending that we are witnessing today.

This is just the beginning for the company that has stated it “won’t stop at the initial 21 sites.”


Written by Nina Greig Towers and Jordan Cotton

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