Are We Missing Out?

Across Australia and around the world, demand for sustainable goods and services is booming. The Future Business Council has tracked the performance of leading sustainable goods and services since the turn of the century. We found compelling evidence that sustainability should not be seen as a cost, but a business opportunity. From solar panels to green buildings and sustainable agriculture, the results are striking and represent a significant new economic growth story.
The Next Boom represents a major opportunity for businesses to become sector leaders in Australian and international markets. At the national level, there is a once in a lifetime chance for Australia to position itself among the world’s leading suppliers of sustainable goods and services, capturing a share of the trillions of dollars that will be invested to meet the explosion in demand.
The rest of the world is not sitting idly by. Australia must do much more to develop new industries and support companies making the transition to more sustainable business models if it is to compete for a share of these fast-growing markets.

Download The Next Boom to understand how this trend will impact our economy and the reforms needed to prepare for this unique opportunity.

Thank you to our Founding supporters: Airbnb, Australian Ethical, Fairtrade ANZ, Intrepid Travel and Positive Energy Places for making the launch of The Next Boom possible.


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Speakers at the launch

Hon Jamie Briggs MP
Hon Jamie Briggs MPMinister for Cities and the Built Environment

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Tristan Edis
Tristan EdisEditor of Climate Spectator

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Molly Harriss Olson
Molly Harriss OlsonCEO of Fairtrade Australia New Zealand

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Nathan Lim
Nathan LimPortfolio Manager of International Equities Trust

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Michaela Rankin
Michaela RankinDepartment of Accounting, Monash Business School

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The Future Business Council would like to thank the panel for their time and contributions at the launch event. We will be posting a video of highlights soon, please subscribe to Future Voice to stay up to date with the latest releases from The Next Boom series.

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