The Future Business Council delivers value and worth to its members with three main activities.

Our six focus areas

Our goal is to position Australia as a global hub for future business innovation and to become the internationally preferred supplier of sustainable goods and services.

We seek ways to encourage the growth and competitiveness of companies that produce high quality, innovative and ethical goods.

We advocate reforms to enhance critical infrastructure and improve the supply chains that underpin all productivity and efficiency across the entire economy.

We work to strengthen Australia’s natural advantage in agriculture and food production, and ensure the resilience and long-term viability of the sector.

We advocate for a greater focus on education as an asset for Australia that enhances quality of life, spurs innovation and creates the skills and knowledge we need for the future.

We support the growth of innovative business models in Australia and seek to foster start-up friendly business environment for entrepreneurs.

Key Publications

The Next Boom
Climate Risk and Directors Duties
Smart Grid Future