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Australian Ethical
Over 35,000 Australians invest in Australian Ethical’s award-winning super & managed funds providing investors with products that align with their values without compromising on returns.
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A superannuation and investment fund manager with a difference. We believe that the power of money can be harnessed to deliver both positive returns and positive change for society and the environment. By investing responsibly in well-managed, ethical companies, this is exactly what we achieve. We seek out positive investments that support people, quality and sustainability, and we avoid investments that cause unnecessary harm to people, animals, society and the environment. While we do believe a small group of people can change the world, the opportunity is far bigger than that. The more people that invest ethically, the more significant the positive change we will create. Imagine the impact of all that money invested for good. There’s never been a better time to take control of your own financial wellbeing and the wellbeing of families, communities and the planet. Ethical and sustainable investing isn’t just a part of what we do. Unlike most of our competitors, it’s everything we do. And while we’ve evolved in many ways since starting in 1986, we have always stayed true to this. Now, we manage $2.1 billion for over 35,000 super members and investors.


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