A three point plan for Paris

Can Australia use the Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21) to attract the next generation of business?

The Future Business Council has released a 3 point proposal for Australia to announce at Paris. The proposals if implemented will help boost investment, create jobs and attract the next generation of leading companies to set up in Australia.

We propose the following commitments:

  • Announce Australia as open for climate resilient business

Open the economy as a testing ground for low carbon and climate adaptive business models underpinned by generous tax incentives for eligible businesses.

  • Invest $1b in the establishment of eight climate focused industrial research precincts

Attract the best and brightest from around the world to build the next generation of resilient, innovative and adaptive companies needed for the future.

  •  Announce a phase out timetable of fossil fuel subsidies

Introduce a moratorium on new coal mines, and concurrently redirect and reinvest fossil fuel subsidies into ARENA and the CEFC, 

Australia can both lead the world in taking action on climate change while building a strong foundation for the future economy. Announcing the three point plan for Paris will signal that Australia supports the next generation of business and will help attract a share of the trillions to be invested in climate resilient products and business models.


Download the plan

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