Partnerships For The Goals 

“To strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development.”

On a global scale, ‘Partnership for the Goals’ is an agenda requiring partnerships between governments, private sector and civil society. These bridges, built upon shared principles and values are intended to mobilise and unlock the transformative powers of trillions of dollars in privatised resources. This money aimed towards long-term foreign investments is needed critically in developing countries.

In its simplest form, the final goal for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 represents an alignment of all government powers towards a common cause.

FBC cannot singularly achieve such a tremendous goal, which is why our pathway to unity begins with local businesses. Champions of their community who wear the impact of sustainability on their chests. FBC is a network of individual businesses striving towards a distinctive resolution.

Since its conception, Future Business Council have been gathering leading local minds industry, placing emphasis on the impetus of sustainability. In 2017 alone, FBC tripled its membership and hosted eight roundtable discussions ranging from ‘The Circular Economy’ to ‘Energy Futures’.

In short, we are a ‘call to arms’ for businesses of all shapes and sizes in support of a sustainable future.

Written by Ryan Slot

Edited by Alana Denham-Preston

Image from The United Nations

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