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Future Business Generation (FBGen) exists to help those young people harness their skills and resources and build connections to create the future of the Australian economy. 

We are a community of young professionals that focus on themes including; the future of work, climate change, technology, resilience, sustainability and ethics. Think innovation, sustainable business models, climate change, fair trade, renewable energy…and that’s just the beginning!

Why we exist

We exist to provide you with resources that aim to empower and educate each of our members to become a leader of the future business generation by creating the network for World4.0. FB Gen is designed for students and young professionals who are harnessing their skills and resources and building connections to create the future of the Australian economy.

Our core themes include the future of business, climate change, innovation and technology, sustainability and ethics.

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Future Business Generation delivers value and worth to its members through four main activities.

This is your opportunity to generate and engage in the conversation around how you will tackle and thrives in the ever-changing landscape

Think innovation, sustainable business models, climate change, fair trade, renewable energy…and that’s just the beginning!

FBGen will offer you

  • Exclusive events with high quality guest speakers;
  • Access to industry connections and leaders;
  • A form of unique content that is developed for future business leaders;
  • The opportunity to be involved in discussions and decisions affecting your future;
  • Build your network and make new connections – because no-one can create change alone;
  • The opportunity to be profiled by us for the work you are doing;
  • Discounts to partner events
  • + so much more!
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Download Report Climate Change, Superannuation & Millennials
Written by
Written by Oshadee Siyaguna
Valeria Lopez Portillo - Michelle Davey - Kalista CloutEdited by Yannina Captain

The Future Business Generation is pleased to announce the upcoming release of our report “Climate Change, Superannuation and Millennials” and the “Climate Investing Challenge”.

Our report explores how the $2.6 trillion Australian superannuation industry is considering and managing climate–related financial risks. The study is profoundly within the scope of our mission to represent our millennial audience, given they will retire, post 2030, into a world which will be in the midst of transitioning into a low carbon economy and experiencing physical impacts of climate change.

Our report is also timely, given increasing beneficiary attentiveness to not only the security of their funds but how their funds are invested to support and contribute to a transition to a low carbon economy.

We observed that participant superannuation funds are increasingly prioritising climate change as a legitimate risk to the long-term sustainability of their investment portfolios. Good practice appears to be emerging across the industry. However, we note that integration of climate risks into core risk management systems is still evolving to cope with the complexity of climate change and its implications to investments.

We call for more sophistication in climate risk assessment and management; with specific recommendations across integration of climate risks to investment processes, negative screening, engagement and shareholder resolutions.

In conjunction with the launch of the report we are collaborating with Ernst & Young to hold a “climate investing challenge” to encourage and invoke the financial creativity of university students to think broadly and analytically on the impacts of climate-related risks to long-term investments. This will be followed by a panel event with leading industry practitioners, largely aimed at a practitioner audience.

The report launch and events are expected to be held in October 2018.

For further information, contact Oshadee Siyaguna Oshadee.siyaguna@stage.fbc.republicofeveryone.com or Michelle Davey michelle.davey@stage.fbc.republicofeveryone.com

Do you want to be a leader of the future business generation?

If you want to take your involvement one step further than a supporter, get in touch with us to really drive change and nominate yourself as a volunteer or even as a committee member. Email us at fbgen@stage.fbc.republicofeveryone.com.au for more information

<b>Tom Pollock</b>
Tom PollockFBGen CEO

“FBGen provides a community for like-minded people to generate discussion on solutions for today’s environmental issues with tomorrow’s business leaders.”

<b>Nina Greig-Towers</b>
Nina Greig-TowersFBGen Advisory Board Member

“This platform is such a fantastic way to network to some really interesting and like-minded people and be exposed to some incredible industry leaders who are at the forefront when it comes to sustainable business.”

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