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eWater Systems is a proud Member of the Future Business Council.

Since 2007, eWater Systems has been a Circular Economy leader. At the heart of the company is a disruptive technology that has the potential to replace the ten of millions of packaged chemicals sold each year in Australia, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

eWater technology produces electrolysed water using equipment permanently installed on site. This delivers sanitizing and cleaning solutions to dispensers and refilling positions precisely where they are most needed.

eWater solutions virtually eliminate carbon heavy transport associated with bulky packaged chemical alternatives and are vastly safer by not taint food, nor damaging skin or health.

“ Electrolysed water has the potential to be to the chemical industry what solar, wind and now Tesla has been to the energy industry.” – Phil Gregory, Founder, eWater Systems.

Being such effective technology helps explain why there are over 250 sites in Australia already using eWater technology. These include over 30 leading public and private hospitals, around 100 aged care facilities, childcare centres, defence bases, schools, colleges and universities, stadiums, convention centres, food production facilities and many of the most respected restaurant groups in the country.

Around Australia eWater solutions are being widely used for large scale commercial food preparation and in food processing areas, providing for direct application to foods and equipment and even for effective hand washing.


Water Splitting Technology – Safe, Sustainable & Smart

Electrolysis technology, pioneered by Michael Faraday in the 1830’s rose to widespread prominence with its use in saltwater pool systems. Using just salt, electricity and tap water this extraordinary technology produces solutions to replace a vast array of chemicals used for sanitation, disinfection cleaning and deodorizing.

The essence of eWater is time honoured. At its core is the use of salt, which has been recognized as a cleaning agent for thousands of years with use for eye baths, saline solutions, wound dressing, and remedial sea baths.

Research emphatically proves electrolysed water solutions are equal to or more effective than increasingly outdated alternatives that are carbon intensive, create unacceptable toxic wastage and are distributed through high carbon footprint warehousing, distribution and procurement methods.

Until recently, the powerfully effective sustainable chemistry like electrolysis has been overlooked.

The commercial opportunities for innovation are significant. As solar and wind was 20 years ago
electrolysed water is predicted to rapidly emerge on the global stage. eWater is meeting consumer demand from the growing group of people who want better ways of cleaning that are safe, affordable, effective and sustainable.

eWater Systems are providing a better product for people who are increasingly taking responsibility
for our planet, for now and for future generations.

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