Are We Missing Out?

On Thursday 17th May, under the lights of the State Library courtyard, Future Business Council publicly launched The Next Boom 2018 report.

By the time CEO James Wright took the stage to welcome the audience, there wasn’t a spare seat in sight. Keynote addresses were delivered by John Bradley (Secretary at DEWLP) and Ken Sloan (Deputy Vice Chancellor at Monash University), before a summary of The Next Boom was presented. Dominant themes within the report included the mounting demand for sustainable goods and services, the rise of disruptive technologies, and the need to revise business paradigms.

The floor then opened up for a panel discussion on where Australia is headed and how we can leverage the opportunities of World 4.0. The esteemed selection of panellists included Molly Harris-Olsen (Fairtrade CEO), Stephen Munchenberg (Futureye Principal), Ross Garnaut (Zen Energy Chair) and Nina Greig-Towers (Global Schools Ambassador for UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network). The discussion was moderated by revered journalist and commentator Alan Kohler. The panel provided insights from many decades of collective experience on a range of topics, stressing the need for an enabling regulatory landscape and 21st century business models that are in line with shifting consumer expectations. Audience members were also given the opportunity to ask questions of the panellists, which sparked some thought-provoking discussion.

The night wrapped up with networking and drinks, allowing for further conversation around themes that were central to The Next Boom.

For those of you yet to read The Next Boom, the report can be downloaded online.


Written by Angus McDonough

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