Purpose Conference 2018


In the last week of February, Future Business Council will be joining many other companies for the third annual Purpose Conference hosted by Wildwon at the Commune in New South Wales. Our very own CEO James Wright joins other influential speakers such as Rachel Botsman; author of ‘Who you can trust?’ and Ally Watson; CEO of Code Like a Girl.

Across the Tuesday and Wednesday, 40 speakers will tackle the issues of purpose-driven business. Here is a short excerpt from the purpose conference 2018:

“Technology is changing us. The future of work is up on us. There’s a new economy emerging, but we’re in some dark and dangerous times. In the midst of all of this, Purpose persists in asking:

  • How can business be a force for positive change in the world and for ourselves?
  • How can we make technology work for the common good?
  • How can we adapt to a transforming world with our humanity in tact?
  • How can businesses, and people, thrive in a landscape where new rules are at play?

The Purpose program of keynotes, hands-on workshops, social events and out-of-the-ordinary creative sessions are what people have come to know and love about Purpose. It’s an expertly designed range of sessions driven by our community. Our initial program for Purpose 2018 will be published very soon.

These are the themes of Purpose 2018, created in consultation with you, our community, driven by in-depth research and formulated through conversations with a huge range of purpose-driven business leaders, experts and thinkers from all over the world.


The Ethics of Exponential Tech

In addition, the themes of ethics in technology: discussing how the relationships between man and machine will progress with further integration of artificial intelligence. Will humans being obsolete? Or should we look forward with hope? Explore the implications of technology no longer an image of science-fiction with #purpose2018.

Meaningful work & human well-being

Well-being in the workforce is critical let alone the work being meaningful, the topics of ethnic and gender diversity against technology overlap as speakers discuss making the absolute most of our time in the workplace. Mental health has always been a strong concern from start-ups to corporate offices.

New Economy

Finally, in order to embrace a new purpose-driven business ideology a new economy must be formed; to re-evaluate success and corporate reputation. In this revolutionised system, we prepare for a new economic age, pointing towards decentralisation of wealth and power.

We would love for everyone to join us at the #purpose2018 conference, in previous years so many amazing members of industry offer valuable insight and 2018 is no different.

Early bird specials have ended but as part of the Future Business Council community, please contact us for available discount offers.

This annual 2-day conference brings so much to the table compared to your average business conference, find out more at purpose.do






Image from Purpose2018 by Wildwon
Posted by Ryan Slot

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