Australia’s first, industry only, fashion sustainability conference

THE MOTIVATION TO ESTABLISH Australia’s first not-for-profit circular fashion conference came from the mounting body of research pointing to the negative environmental impacts caused by the fashion industry.

There primary aim  is to first and foremost educate and start important conversations with the biggest and most influential parties in the Australian retail fashion industry.

The country’s first industry only event of it’s kind, the one day conference is focussed on education and awareness, to establish better collaboration within the Australian fashion industry, introduce improved tools and resources for creating economically viable businesses for the future.Attendees will learn in more depth from Australian experts what sustainability means and what responsible practice looks like. The whole premise has stemmed from the severe impact the fashion industry has had on the environment and what we can do to support closed loop innovation currently available right now, right here in Australia. We have already begun the conversation with many large organisations on what recycling and closed loop fabrics can do for big fashion companies, with the aim to implement circular design practice through every level of production and manufacturing process to eliminate environmental impact. This will be an ongoing journey over the next 5-10 years (in reality). The event will be hosted annually and as growth in fashion sustainability evolves, we believe recycled textile products and waste recovery processes will lower in cost and become a more accessible, competitive market. There’s much to be explored, celebrated and shared in this space.

How to Support Change

The beauty of fashion is, the flexibility to be inventive and creative. They believe this is how we can see a real transition for modernisation in current fashion production. With your support we look forward to building encouragement, excitement and possibility with hundreds of people who are eagerly engaged with the prospect to look after our country.

Call to Action

If you wish to be a part of the important changes to lead and grow a healthy strong Australian Fashion Industry, then chat with our event organiser to see how we can work out a suitable sponsorship package. Or if you would like to discuss a combination of sponsorship opportunities and or queries, then please contact us today.



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Written by Camille Reed
Edited by Nina Greig – Towers

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